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If you want to increase your online sales and make the most of Google Shopping, you need an expert who can guide you through its complexities. Our specialists will help you optimise your product listings and campaigns to achieve peak performance for your online store.

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What to consider when looking for an agency to manage your Google shopping campaigns

When searching for an agency to manage your Google Shopping campaigns, you need to ensure that they have years of experience in managing e-commerce businesses on Google Ads. 

We’ve built a team of ecommerce and shopping ads experts who not only know how to optimise product feeds, but also know how to structure a Google Ads account to ensure you get the best return on ad spend possible.
We know what business owners want. And we focus our efforts to push high-margin products and suppress low value products to maximise profit. 

Our team of Google Ads experts conduct competitor analysis and tweak your feed, ensuring your products stand out in the digital marketplace. We also refine the bidding strategy to ensure we achieve sales goals or ROAS targets.

Partnering with an experienced Google Shopping agency can significantly improve your online sales for your e-commerce business while still maintaining healthy margins.

What is our process for optimising Google Shopping campaigns?

At Aperitif Agency, we are a Google Ads Partner agency, and know how to drive success for your ecommerce business. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Data feed preparation

The foundation of a successful Google Shopping ad campaign starts with feed optimisation. 

We meticulously prepare and optimise your product data feed, ensuring every item is accurately represented with detailed titles, descriptions, and images. This step is also crucial for ecommerce SEO.

We also ensure all errors are solved that may be causing some products to be disapproved by Google or restricted in the search results.

Step 2: Campaign setup and targeting

Next, we dive into the ads account setup, selecting the right campaign type and configuring targeting options to position your products in front of your ideal audience.
For Google Shopping campaigns, best practice is using Google’s Performance Max campaign type. We see fantastic results with this format, that far exceeds the performance of the old Google Shopping campaign type.

Step 3: Bidding and optimisation

Our performance marketing team employs strategic bidding strategies to maximise your campaign’s spend efficiency. 

We use bid strategies such as “maximise conversions” and “maximise ROAS” and test different CPAs and ROAS’ to find a good balance between ROI and sales volume.

Step 4: Performance tracking and analysis

With conversion tracking and data analytics, we monitor your campaign performance closely. Utilising tools like Google Analytics, we analyse conversion rates, and overall campaign effectiveness to make data-driven decisions.

Step 5: Continuous monitoring and improvement

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, and so is our approach. We engage in continuous tests and tweaks to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve. 

A small team committed to big results

We don’t want to be the biggest — but we work hard to be the best. We’re people who’ve worked hard to grow brands in-house through Google Ads and know what it takes to deliver results the biggest stakeholders care about. Your point of contact will always be the person working on your campaign. We choose to keep our team small so you can be sure they’re dedicated to you, your business and your success.

We’ve worked with multiple big and small digital agencies, and none compare when it comes to Aperitif’s high level of communication, absolute transparency on performance, and most importantly – results. Better still, they’re friendly, likeable, down-to-earth people. Refreshing!
Jess Kidd
Co-founder at Harp + Sunnyside
We've been through several advertising agencies before coming across Aperitif Digital Marketing Agency. Many wasted dollars and frustrations later - we've finally found in Aperitif, an agency that is proactive, communicative and understands our aims. More importantly, they are self-accountable and don't hide behind the veil of jargon as other agencies often do. Don't hesitate to call Joe and the team - you won't regret it.
Sang Ho
Owner at Polished Dental
We have been working with Aperitif Agency for over 4 years with across three different projects and plan to keep working with them for the next 20. Joe & Belle treat your business like their own and make sure they exceed your expectations, continuously producing great results year on year.
Alex Newman
Founder of Patrick James Marketing & Pawpedics

Why choose Aperitif for your Google Shopping needs?

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Our Aperitif team are across the latest Google Shopping strategies, and has years of experience in getting high-value sales for our customers. 

We craft tailored Google Shopping campaign strategies based on your business goals.

Our expertise as a certified Google Ads Partner agency ensures your campaigns are optimised with the industry’s best practices and our know-how learnt over the years, to help maximise your visibility and sales.

What’s included in our Google Shopping services?

Take your online presence to the next level with our complete range of Google shopping services:

  •     Google Ads account setup and management
  •     Google Merchant Center account setup and management
  •     Data feed setup and optimisation
  •     Resolve any data feed errors to maximise exposure
  •     Setup effective bid strategies to achieve your business goals
  •     Ad copywriting to maximise CTR
  •     Ensure remarketing is set up and the right audience targeting
  •     Setup performance tracking

      Monthly reporting

Grow your business today

Experience growth with Aperitif Agency’s tailored Google Shopping management strategies to grow your business online.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of partnering with a digital marketing agency can vary widely based on the scope of your shopping ads strategy, marketing budget, and specific goals. A tailored approach ensures you invest wisely for optimal return on investment.

Google Shopping Ads puts your products directly in the search results, enhancing visibility to potential customers. This leads to increased CTR and ultimately ecommerce sales, helping to grow your business.

A Google Merchant Centre account is essential for running Google Shopping campaigns. It allows you to manage and provide your product data to Google, making it possible to create shopping ads.

Our expertise in optimising product listings and Google Ads account structures, combined with a tailored approach to achieve your business goals sets us apart. Our commitment to maximising your return on ad spend makes us a leading choice.

Results from a Google Shopping ads campaign can often be seen within a week or two, with continuous campaign optimisation and performance media monitoring enhancing outcomes over time.

Our approach focuses on a collaborative strategy session to understand your online marketing needs, followed by technical audits to enhance your landing pages and product listings. 

We believe in marketing automation and data-driven decisions to achieve successful Google Shopping campaigns.